Black Bottle

Black Bottle Scotch Whisky was born more than 130 years ago from the determination of three brothers. The Grahams had already made a good name for themselves blending specialty teas, but decided to turn their attention to producing a drink woven into the very fibers of Scotland itself - whisky.

The whisky made from their ancient family recipe was originally intended to be shared only with close family and friends, but word soon got out that the Graham brothers were making something very special. The original recipe for Black Bottle whisky contained only local malts from Aberdeen and the surrounding areas. The finished product was bottled in the finest German-made black glass, a bottle that quickly became the symbol for the brand.

Today, the recipe for Black Bottle whisky includes a blend of grain whiskies and malt whiskies from 20 different distilleries. Double-matured in virgin oak casks, the finished whisky is gently smoky with a subtle sweetness.

Black Bottle Blended Scotch Whisky

Fresh and floral, this whisky displays aromas of smoke and freshly sawn oak. The palate is silky and mellow, with notes of peat, honey, nutmeg and pepper.

Floral, Spicy, Smoky
Sweet Oak, Honey, Nutmeg, Pepper, Smoke