Sanford Wildflower Labels

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The artwork of Sebastian Titus has been featured on the bottles of Sanford wine varietals since 1981. Each label depicts a wildflower that blossoms, in its season, in the Sta. Rita Hills. Titus has designed more than 60 original wildflower paintings for Sanford’s labels. In the process, his reputation has grown right alongside the winery itself. Along with being displayed on Sanford’s fine wines, Titus’ wildflower artwork is seen regularly, full size, in galleries and museums across the country.

Sanford Wildflower Seed Packets
In 2006, the winery introduced special wildflower seed packets, accompanying bottles of Sanford Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at select events and at retailers across the country. Each packet contains a mix of wildflower seeds that can grow in most regions of the U.S. Here are specific directions for growing these wildflowers:

Plant wildflowers in spring or fall. Begin by removing any existing growth, and scatter seeds on bare soil in sunny spot, then compress seed into soil.

Keep area moist. Annual wildflowers should begin blooming approximately 6-8 weeks after planting. Perennials will begin to bloom in second and successive seasons.

It’s best to plant in spring after frosts, or in fall after the growing season ends. In no-frost areas, wildflowers can be planted anytime; rainy season is best.

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