Adelphi Selection Scotch

Adelphi Selection Scotch Ardmore 2000 14 Year Old

Established by famous blenders William Teacher & Sons in 1898, Ardmore is situated close to Huntly, just outside Speyside in the Highland region. This Scotch displays aromas of smoked cheese, spicy ginger and fresh berry Pavlova, with a slight medicinal character and a touch of salt on the finish.

Sooty, Smoky, Complex
Smoked Cheese, Spicy Ginger, Berry Pavlova
Adelphi Selection Scotch Benriach 32 Years Old

This whisky has a mellow, rounded nose with aromas of rum and raisin. Fruit salad, notes of warm vinyl and sweet tobacco linger in the background. It drinks well at full strength: sweet and lightly drying with walnuts and a mustiness on the finish. Water enhances the mouthfeel, reduces the sweetness and adds a spiciness that melts into an aftertaste of sugared almonds, walnuts and vanilla ice cream.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Bladnoch 24 Years Old

Aromas of fresh fruit salad, rich Scotch trifle, ripe strawberries and lingering marzipan characterize the Bladnoch 24 Years Old, which is pale hazelnut in color with a medium bead. Sweet to start, it has flavors of raspberry and strawberry jam on buttered brioche, fresh citrus peel and traces of walnut that lead to a slightly drying mouthfeel and a medium-length finish.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Bunnahabhain 21 Years Old

A rich caramel-gold color, the Bunnahabhain 21 Years Old was aged in a barrel previously used to age Sherry. Its long-lasting bead indicates good texture and finesse. Aromas of warm sea breeze, sand dunes and toffee biscuits dominate the nose, with hints of orange rind and citrus fruits in the background. Notes of salinity on the palate are tempered by a toffee-rich texture and taste, making this the perfect after dinner malt.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Bunnahabhain 24 Years Old

Bunnahabhain means "mouth of the river" in Gaelic. The Bunnahabhain 24 Years Old is a sun-ripened gold color with no beading due to its naturally low strength. Reminiscent of distant sea shores and salty rock pools, this Scotch has aromas of extinguished bonfires, sweet pastries with lemon curd, lint bandages and peat. It tastes of charred embers and brown sugar, the perfect accompaniment to a cigar.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Clynelish 17 Years Old

The Clynelish 17 Years Old is a dark straw color with copper highlights, excellent beading and good mouth texture. The nose displays aromas of melted honey, paraffin wax, canteloupe, candy floss and bath salts. Sweet to tart on the palate, spicy chili pepper fills the mouth, while honey comb and wax flavors are increased with the addition of water. Dusty cocoa and licorice linger on a medium-length finish.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Glen Garioch 1993 21 Year Old

Glen Garioch is one of the oldest licensed distilleries in Scotland, founded in 1797. The 1993 expression offers aromas of toffee fudge, leather and cigars, with flavors of dried fruits, coffee and bitter chocolate.

Robust, Smoky, Rich
Dried Fruit, Bitter Chocolate, Leather, Tobacco
Adelphi Selection Scotch Glen Grant 23 Years Old

Drawn from a first-fill ex-Bourbon barrel, the Glen Grant 23 Years Old has excellent beading with aromas of butterscotch, vanilla toffee, melted raspberry ice cream. Milk chocolate and coconut come through on the finish. Adding water develops estery, Speyside notes with hints of coconut and orange zest, softens the texture and balances the sweet and sour notes on the palate.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Glen Moray 22 Years Old

Dark straw in color with toffee highlights and a good bead, the nose on the Glen Moray 22 Years Old smells of Angels Delight and sherbet lemons with flaked coconut. An unexpected dusty cocoa powder flavor intially fills the palate, along with bitter-sweet morello cherries, making for a creamy mouth texture and a medium-length finish.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Glenrothes 7 Years Old

A polished rosewood color with little bead, this young whisky is extraordinarily complex and full, and has aromas of dulce de leche, dried sultanas soaked in brandy, chocolate ice cream and hints of cigar box. Burnt chocolate cake flavors dominate the palate, with Oreo cookies and Bourbon cream biscuits, bitter coffee grounds, hazelnuts and Scottish fudge that lead to a heavy, tannic finish.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Glenrothes 2007 7 Year Old

This expression is extraordinarily complex and full for such a young whisky. It shows dulce de leche, chocolate ice cream and a hint of sandalwood on the nose, and has unique flavors of burnt chocolate cake, Oreo, bitter coffee grounds and hazelnuts.

Bold, Complex, Bitter
Burnt Chocolate Cake, Oreo, Hazelnuts, Scottish Fudge
Adelphi Selection Scotch Glenturret 26 Years Old

A dull, 18-carat gold in color with excellent beading, the Glenturret 26 Years Old offers aromas of kiwi, pineapple, coconut biscuits and stone fruit with notes of graphite and tea rose. It's has a very mellow flavor with notes of rose water and macaroons on a medium-length finish.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Glenturret 1987 27 Year Old

This 27 Year Old Scotch displays inviting aromas of chocolate pudding, creamy trifle, and notes of cedar and cigar box. It has an excellent mouthfeel and is mellow and distinguished with flavors of fresh fruit compote.

Rich, Mellow, Elegant
Chocolate Pudding, Cedar, Fruit Compote
Adelphi Selection Scotch Highland Park 14 Years Old

Gold in color with khaki colored highlights and a moderate bead, the Highland Park 14 Years Old has aromas of chocolate malt and fondant, along with nuances of dried peat. It has a soft texture and sweet initial taste, drying to notes of ashes on the finish. The addition of water perpetuates the chocolate, fondant and ash flavors, adding a saltiness on the nose. 

Adelphi Selection Scotch Longmorn 28 Years Old

Aged in American oak hogshead previously filled with Bourbon, the Longmorn 28 Years Old is a bright harvest gold with an excellent mousse-like bead. Notes of orange rind, saddle soap and ripe fruit salad dominate the nose, cinnamon-raisin toast and spearmint aromas in the background. It has a clean taste, is exceptionally well-balanced and finishes with notes of orange and milk chocolate.

Adelphi Selection Scotch Longmorn 1992 22 Year Old

Founded in 1893, Longmorn is situated just south of the city of Elgin in Morayshire. The 1992 expression has aromas of Black Forest cake, Cointreau, plum and ripe peaches. It has a thick, mouth-filling texture and shows flavors of praline, dark chocolate and hazelnuts on the palate.


Rich, Mouth-Filling, Nutty
Praline, Dark Chocolate, Ripe Peach
Adelphi Selection Scotch Mortlach 26 Years Old

Aged in casks that previously held Sherry, the Mortlach 26 Years Old is bright and clear with copper highlights and a light bead. It offers aromas of rich toffee, a recently opened cigar box, fresh pipe tobacco, old leather bags and dusty books. Flavors of dark chocolate and spicy brandy snaps lead to a rich and lingering finish.