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Since 1991
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Naoussa, Grande Reserve Naoussa

The Boutari Winery, founded in 1879 by Yiannis Boutari, represents something very special to the Greek wine industry. The original winery, outside of Naoussa, has a 124-acre vineyard. There are also five other wineries located throughout Greece in Goumenissa, Attica, Mantinia, Santorini, and Crete. Resurrecting the unique qualities of the indigenous grape varieties of classical Greece, sometimes combining them with more well-known French varietals such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Boutari has elevated the quality of wines from this most ancient of wine-growing countries.
It is sometimes hard to believe that the history of winemaking owes so much to Greece, given that the wines of this country are rarely the focus of the wine writing of this era. Greek winemaking has gone through some very difficult times, both economic and stylistic. However, Boutari has seized the moment, and is making wines of real style and substance. They clearly have improved vineyard practices, making wines of more concentration and balance. More importantly, they have improved winemaking practices, integrating such techniques as stainless steel, cold-temperature fermentation and French oak barrel aging. Today, Boutari is the world's number-one selling Greek wine, and has earned its place on any fine table.

Over 125 Years of Wine Art
The Boutari family embarked on their journey as vintners in 1879, in Naoussa, when Yianni Boutari founded his family's winery, giving body and soul to his vision of a winemaking enterprise with a progressive philosophy. The first step was the creation of his signature red wine, Naoussa, followed in 1906 by the establishment of the family's first winery facility.

Generation succeeded generation, each bringing new vigor to the company while remaining steadfastly committed to the principle of quality in all areas. The primary emphasis was on Greek grape varieties for the domestic and international market. Boutari wines have become ambassadors of the Greek wine landscape, winning countless international awards. Foreign varieties are cultivated on an experimental basis in many parts of Greece, yielding marvelously unique wines. With an eye to the future, the company continues to invest in equipment and in the purchase of vine-growing land in selected areas.

Today there are Boutari Estate wineries in select appellations in Greece, each one superbly situated to yield top quality wines.

With respect for tradition and dedication to quality, Boutari continues to explore new horizons. From its highly successful Greek and foreign varietal wines to the outstanding vintages from its own estates, Boutari highlights and enhances the vast potential of Greek wines in Greece and abroad.

Distiller: Chief Oenologist Dr. Yiannis Voyatzis

Vineyard Properties: Santorini, Naoussa, Goumenissa, Attica, Crete, Paros, Samos, Patras, Nemea and Mantinia, Greece


J. Boutari & Son, founded in 1879 by Yiannis (John) Boutari, launched its career with a wine so successful that it was to become a legend in the history of Greek wine: Boutari Naoussa – the first premium bottled Greek red wine. Stelios Boutari took over from his father in 1935, bringing youthful energy and new ideas to the already well-established business. It was Stelios Boutaris who made the company the undisputed leader in the Greek market, its products known the length and breadth of the country. His vision for the company extended beyond the frontiers of Greece and Boutari wines now began to make their way into foreign markets. Stelios’ two sons, Yannis and Konstantinos, took over the reins in the late 1960’s, building on the achievements of their father and grandfather. To expand and develop the company even further, the two brothers embarked on the cultivation of their own vines - a great turning point in the company’s history and a period of great investment-- purchasing vineyards and equipment and investing in a properly trained and skilled workforce. Boutari was the first to establish vineyards dedicated to the production of Vins De Qualité Supérieure, paying particular attention to the cultivation of Greek grape varietals as well as blends with foreign varietals. Today the Boutari Winery and vineyard estates are fully integrated into the Boutari Group (a holding company listed on the Athens Stock Exchange). Following the departure of Yannis Boutari, Konstantinos Boutari is now Chairman of the company and of the Boutari Group. Since 1999, the fifth generation of the family has taken its place in the business. Marina Boutari, daughter of Konstantinos is now playing an energetic role in the company as Director of Corporate Communication.