More than a wine, Fizz56 is a personality. The small winery is nestled in the heart of Piedmonte, an area known for outstanding Brachetto, a rare grape native to Italy that produces light-bodied, highly aromatic and effervescent wines. Fizz56 was named for the 56 million bubbles in every bottle!

Fizz56 Brachetto Spumante

Fun, fresh and whimsical, this sparkling wine has a beautiful red color and an aroma of candied rose petals, raspberry, cherry and strawberry. The light-bodied texture and delicate flavors are enhanced by the elegant bubbles.

Sparkling, Sweet
Candied Rose Petals, Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry
Fizz56 Moscato d' Asti

Fizz56 Moscato d'Asti is a naturally sweet, sparkling white wine made from 100% Moscato grapes from the Asti region of Italy. It is perfect as an aperitif, a complement to dessert or a unique cocktail ingredient.  

Light-Bodied, Aromatic, Sweet
Peach, Almond, Apricot