New Zealand Wines

Wine has been made in New Zealand since the early 1800’s. In fact, the modern wine industry owes much to the efforts of eastern European immigrants who settled in New Zealand around the beginning of the 20th century. Settlers from Croatia and Lebanon planted grapes and introduced a skeptical populace to the delights of wine.


The last 20 years have seen a revolution among winemakers in this southern most winemaking region. A focus on grapes that thrive in New Zealand’s cool climate and the adoption of modern technology, blended with traditional winemaking practices have delivered wines of superb quality. Harvey Steiman of Wine Spectator wrote, “If you see a New Zealand wine on the shelf, and the price is right, you can't go too far wrong” in June 1999.

Most of New Zealand's acreage is planted with white varieties, and the crisp, fresh style that has become its hallmark has gained a wide following in America and abroad.