Marco Abella

Marco Abella is a family-owned and operated winery from the Priorat D.O.Q. region of Spain. The family uses only 100% estate-grown fruit from top quality vineyards parcels, including the highest vineyard in Priorat (~2,300 feet above sea level). They practice biodynamic farming, harvest and sort all of their fruit by hand and utilize non-interventionist winemaking to ensure that the character of the land is reflected in their wines. The wine is then packaged with beautiful labels designed by the famous Catalan artist, Josep Guinovart.   

Marco Abella Clos Abella 2009

This wine offers a rich aroma of black cherry, mineral, oak, spices and incense. The silky texture combines a well-balanced body with spice and chocolate notes leading to a long, fresh finish.

Well Balanced, Silky, Nutty
Black Cherry, Mineral, Oak, Spices, Chocolate
Marco Abella Loidana 2012

Rich in red fruit and blackberry notes with a hint of spice, this wine has a smooth, velvety body that leads to a fresh, harmonious finish.

Fresh, Smooth, Velvety
Red Fruits, Blackberries, Spice
Marco Abella Mas Mallola 2008

This wine has an intense aroma of raspberry, cherry, spice and incense. The dense, velvety tannins and light earth flavors are perfectly balanced on the complex finish.

Dense, Velvety
Raspberry, Cherry, Spice, Earth